Saturday, 3 March 2012

The 11th Hour

The construction fences are down and the port-a-loo is gone which can hopefully only mean one thing and that is it's nearly over! Our biggest hold up is waiting for Stegbar to come out and replace our built in robes which is due to be done by Wednesday. In between now and then we need to really finish the "finished" painting which is still lacking in a few places. I saw that the doors all appear to be finished really well except for the last foot which has only been roller finished and the difference in the painted finish is enormous. The poor plasterers who are fantastic blokes and have been back far too many times courtesy of other trades will again need to come back and repair some more small patches. We have a bit of missing grouting to be completed and more grout to be cleaned out of all the floor drains. There is also some painted plaster that really needed to be sanded BEFORE being painted!

It seems all of our electricals have been sorted out with the exception of two light switches. One I have given up on but the other located in the main bathroom will still need to be addressed as the gyprock it is fastened to is not secure and needs to be repaired courtesy of our second fix sparkys. I also got a letter last week from the electricity supplier defecting some electrical work between the main and the house and this has also been passed up the chain to sort it out.

I'm beginning to feel tired and with tiredness becomes impatience. As I have now commenced my leave as we had planned to hand over last week perhaps I may need to get out there with the stock prod and keep things moving along at a sufficient pace.


  1. That sucks you are on leave and can't move in. Hope things hurry up for you this week! I like the stock prod idea, can I borrow it when you're done?

  2. Your welcome to it Mel, although I wouldnt expect you should need it! Unfortunately as I had already put my leave back once I was unable to delay it a second time.

  3. Scott, do you think that if you didn't notice all these problems would they have been picked up and fixed up before handover? I'm just concerned that when the time comes I won't have the same attention to detail and then I'll be stuck with them.

  4. I can honestly say that whilst we may have had a few more issues then normal, each and every time we have raised something it has been addressed and rectified without a problem. In terms of attention to detail, you will be amazed how good your eyes will become when its your home! It's not what is found but how it is rectified that counts. From my experience if it troubles you that much MDJ would do all they could to ensure you are happy. Good Luck.