Friday, 27 May 2011

In the past..........

Welcome to our build blog, but first a bit of background. In October 2010, my wife and I sold our comfortable 3 bedroom house as we had fallen in love with a old homestead in southern sydney on a half acre. It was large, roomy and had a character that no other home could offer. We thought it was our ideal family home and moved in before finding our our three person family was soon to become four. Not long after moving in, it all fell apart and the house we fell in love with was just a distant memory. After many many issues we moved out and went to stay with relatives. Our entire house was packed into a storage shed and we kept the bare essentials. I had no intention what so ever to build but little did I know how much my better half really wanted to. After a number of "Debates" for one of a better word we began to venture into the game of building.

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  1. Yeah sorry about that mate! But glad you did. Great to go through the same experience together.