Friday, 27 May 2011

Where to start?

Our old neighbours, who were fantastic people (Just incase their reading!) had bought land out at the newly established Vermont Estate at Pitt Town. The Boss decided that this was the place she would like to build at and suggested we go out that way to see the estate. I must say at this point that this area was possibly the last place on earth I would have wanted to build. It was miles away from everything including my work. To say that i was less then happy was an understatement, however off we went to see the estate. As we got into Pitt Town, and traveled through the township, my reluctance faded away fast. It was a small rural town surrounded by greenery. As we drove into the estate, I knew this would be the place.

We met with JPG sales rep for the land who is a fantastic, down to earth fella who gave us a great amount of information on the development and what land was available.After some time we were informed that a previously purchased block of land had fallen through and was now back on the market. The land was a large 830sqm block and was already registered so we jumped at it.

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  1. WTF are you talking about! "were fantastic people". We were and still are the best neighbours. Your putting high expectations on your new ones!