Monday, 11 July 2011

Groundhog Day

So whats happening on the build you ask? Not a great deal apart from a bit of duplicitious work. Since the plans went in, out and were approved by Council, the recycled water plant has been approved by the NSW Department of Planning. As a result the BASIX and the plans need to be amended to reflect the change and it appears that the much hated and gold plated 10K water tank may be now just a distant nightmare. From what I "understand" and of course I may be wrong, both need to go back to Council for approval once again. After speaking with my CLO I have been told we should have the application for a Construction Certificate mid week, time will tell.

We went and visited the block today and saw that the plumbing for the recycled water and sewer has been connected which will hopefully result in the mountain of fill being removed from our block.

What we did notice though and to honest it's no suprise is that our next door neighbour is at lock up after just a little over EIGHT WEEKS! He is an owner builder and is barreling through it doing an awesome job.

On the banking front we have got our Unconditional Approval with only a small amount required in LMI whcih basically meant our valuations came in on par with what we were hoping for. I must say I can't recommend Mortgage Choice's Rhett HARRINGTON enough, he has been a lifesaver who is very dedicated to his customers. I have a VERY high expecitation in terms of Customer Service and he excelled in every aspect of this. I would encourage anyone in Sydney who reads this blog and is in the need of finance to give him a call

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  1. thanks for the suggestion! Will look him up when we are at that stage!