Thursday, 30 June 2011

And just like that...........

After much piling of the poo upon a certain Council, it appears that I am up for a steady diet of humble pie! 12 days in at Council and our DA is approved without a fuss. We have received Conditional approval from our lender subject to valuation of the house and we would hope to receive that by the end of the week. Another tour of the block this week revealed that all of the sewer tanks have been installed with a number of the water supply lines run to most of the blocks.

As a complimentary gift from the installers of the sewer tanks was about ten ton of fill that has been dumped on my block, too bad if my block was being scraped tomorrow! I'm a bit pissed with it as there is ample land still available that the developer owns that could have been used to store the fill.

Another close up of the tank that has been commandeered by my neighbour

Here's hoping we hear from our lender by the end of the week.......

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