Monday, 7 November 2011

High's and Low's

Progress with the build is progressing at a rapid rate, much more efficiently then we ever could have hoped. The roof has been completed, the gables finished, the eaves completed, the gyprock delivered, ceilings sheeted and half of the walls complete all within two weeks.

It pains me to post these next few pictures and although I have spoken to our Site Supervisor who assures me they will be fixed "By the Painter" I'm feeling a little despondent about it and feel that the quality and finish that drew us to McDonald Jones is, well lacking.

This first picture is how the majority of the screws holding our stacker doors have ended up. Also to note is the lack of packers between the reveal and the metal studs that stop the reveal flexing when the door is opened or shut.

This next one is how the top reveal of our living room stacker door has been left. With the greatest of respect to MDJ, this is not what I paid for nor is it the quality that I expect from MDJ. To suggest that this will be repaired by "The Painter" is just disappointing. Had the installer just took a bit more care this could have been avoided. To be really blunt, I don't want it bogged up and hidden, I want it replaced.

These last two are from the stacker doors in our master bedroom. Again this room suffers the same fate with the fixing screws and missing packers. Now I don't know if my SS has actually seen these issues so here's hoping he only thinks its slightly cracked and not as it actually is. I will give our SS and CLO a call tomorrow to see how we can rectify this now before we get any further into the fitout.

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  1. Looking great, other than the split in the timber! We're going out tomorrow to check ours too. Disappointing for you guys, lets hope everything else goes well and that they fix it asap. Our stacker door has to be replaced as they left it lying on the concrete and the white gloss frame is all scratched, GRRRRRRR!