Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Locked Up

It's been a couple of weeks since our last update but progress has been constant. Our extra large kick ass front door is on with its matching gigantic show home confusing to open front door handle. I really wanted this door handle so I could piss myself laughing at everyone's first attempt to open it, it really is quite amusing. The front and rear roller doors and laundry doors are on getting us well and truly past lockup. The kitchen cabinets have been installed with a warning to other trades that "This is not a workbench"!

Our bathroom vanities have arrived, the waterproofing has been completed in the wet areas and we eagerly anticipate the arrival of the floor tilers. Our plasterers have finished but need to return pre painters to correct some small issues where some skirting had to be removed. All the internal skirting, architraves, jambs and doors are also complete.

Were chewing our finger nails down to knuckles about weather we will be in by Christmas but are desperately trying not to get our hopes up. If we don't make it we would be almost 95 percent complete just to make it even more frustrating! On the subject of frustrating, once again our CLO and SS have shone through with a happy resolution in regards to our sliding door reveals as they were all removed and replaced without fuss.

A sneaky kitchen shot through the window!

We finalised our lighting purchase at Beacon lighting at Jamisontown (Penrith) and I must say they were more then helpful so if your in Sydney in the west do yourself a favour and go and see Brian or Jazz for some fantastic customer service and reasonable prices

We also sorted out our flooring and went with the original carpet we had actually seen in colour selections. Although we organised it our self to be installed after handover. We have also finally decided on our main hard flooring which will all be revealed later in the blog.

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  1. Love the way you suggest great people for their good customer service. When we finally get around to the building stages we will definitely be using your suggestions because we want no fuss!