Monday, 5 December 2011

Damm you Christmas! Now where was I?

As it nears closer to the fat man in the red suit visiting I have yet another reason to dislike Christmas, its going to delay us getting into the house! All things being equal, we think the house will be pretty much complete if only we had signed up a month earlier but such is life. We have just payed the second last progress payment and have begun to pedantically start to look for any minor blemishes and corrections want repaired prior to Practical Completion and so far the list is well......quite small. Overall we are very happy with the quality of the tradesman that have worked on our house, with the great majority being really friendly and more then happy to stop, have a chat and let you know whats happening on site.

We met up on site last week with our tiler William to confirm the floor and feature tiles were correct. A really nice fellow and by the look of his work a really good tiler. Our internal fit out is completed and the walls have been prepped ready for painting. We had another site clean up some time during the week which was good as it will hopefully stop some of the knuckleheads who appear to think our rubbish pile is a communal one!

The exterior of the house has been painted and we are really happy with the colours we selected. When I can convince my Internet to stop dropping out I will upload some pics. We haven't really done any more shopping as yet but will keep our eyes out closer to Christmas or over the Boxing day period for some good deals on the appliances we need to chase up. So as things stand at the moment we look like getting in most likely in early February but we will see how things progress.

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