Monday, 30 January 2012


I got a call today from the Region Construction Supervisor who was kind enough to update me with whats happening at the build. It turns out the the floor tiles in our ensuite were running out of square and by the time they made their way into the toilet they were quite noticeable. As a result a meeting was had onsite today with the head tiler and the floor will be coming up later in the week. There is also some rectification to be done in the main bathroom as there was a mix up with the floor and wall tiles surrounding the bath. The brick pillar out the front of our home and a number of the window sills are also to be taken down and redone due to some problems with the finish of them.

Our electricians rang this morning to make an appointment with us to come back and replace all of our power points and light switches as they had mistakenly installed the incorrect ones. They sounded a bit surprised when told any time was suitable as we are not in as yet! As a result they will also be turning up later in the week to rectify this and the issue with a number of the switches being way too close to the architraves.

Our fly screens are on and the air conditioning has been installed so there another couple of things off the list and here's hoping things keep moving along steadily.

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