Thursday, 28 February 2013

And on the Two Hundredth Day................

And on the Two Hundredth day the Gods of technology said unto the people "Thou Shalt Have Internet"! So its been a long time between posts but the pace has been constant. Let me bring you all up to speed but to do so we need to go back to the day of "Bazinga".

In the days leading up to Bazinga, we had arranged our flooring and pool for the days closely following so delaying our handover was not an option. I had taken leave from work that I could not delay any longer and had already burnt a week of it already with some issues with our SS. I got a call out of the blue from an "Independent" building inspector that had been organised by MDJ to do our final walk through with rather then our SS which I was more then happy with. He gave me a bit of background about himself, his company and that it was quite "Routine" for him to do a final walk through as a bit of QA for MDJ.

As you may be aware if you have read our previous posts there was not a great deal of issues to address as we had been having them corrected as they arose. However there we some painting issues, flashing adjustment, mortar and other cosmetic issues that we were intent or raising. As we commenced our walk through with the "Independent" it soon become aware that he was not exactly batting down the middle. It became very apparent and I might add on occasion quite rudely so that he had zero interest in anything we raised. Halfway though our inspection our SS and the painters turned up which made it even more difficult and off putting. To his credit though our SS did rectify a number of issues that the inspector was keen to dismiss.

On completion of the handover, a cheque was exchanged for keys and it was finally ours. In the days following handover I must say that our SS became a different person and any little enquiry we made was dealt with and rectified swiftly with the professionalism that we had only half hoped for during our entire build. We just wish it had been this way with him from the get go!

As this was just about the end of dealings with MDJ I thought to myself "Would I do it all again and if so would I with MDJ"? The short answer.......... Yes! Apart from some poor tradies and a difficult and poor communicating SS MDJ were people of their word.

I cannot express well enough the commitment and dedication to her clients that we were shown by our client liaison Suzz. The was not one single thing that she was not able to organise, answer or enquire about on our behalf and she truly took a huge amount of stress and anxiety out of our build. Suzz you are a credit to MDJ and even after nearly a year in our new home we still are indebted to you.

Our SS boss Mick is an old school (Note I didn't suggest you were old Mick) fellow and one of old principles and morals. You came to us at a shitty time in our build not with arguments or defenses but with a desire to solve issues and progress the build to a level not only you but also we were over the moon with. We truly appreciate the efforts and lengths you went to in helping us with our build Mick, you are truly a great bloke.

Whilst we only had a few visits and conversation with Bill McDonald, to get the owner of a company out on site actively wanting to listen and then address his clients concerns is outstanding. Thanks Bill we really appreciated your time and openness.

So whilst we were at the end of our build, we soon realised that our journey was no where near its end. Now it was our problem to organise everything else, lawns, pool, deck, other fixings inside, lights, driveways etc and the list goes on!


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  1. we to are very happy with our house only a few very minor things needed fixing but are being dealt with we can not fault this builder (just ask your neighbours what issues they have had with other builders)as for Suzz FANTASTIC should sum it up i said before Bill what ever you are paying her double it .....great job guys.