Thursday, 28 February 2013

Few Words

Our Pool was supplied by Barry Michael at "Just Pools" and installed by Steve Vote. Whilst Barry can literally talk underwater, he is a man of his word and the price he gives you is the total price right down to the last cent. Steve, Terry and his team are fantastic blokes who are true professionals at what they do. Whilst installing the pool they found a water table about two meters down which a number of other pool builders had issues with at other installs in our estate but Steve was able to deal with the problem and get the job done. I would not hesitate in the least to recommend both Steve and Barry as you will not find better or more honest people to deal with.

Barry Michael- 02 45797823,

Steve Vote- Steve's Pool and Spa Services, 0438823097     

One thing to mention...................

Never again would I have a pool installed like this whereby the shell is in the ground and the rest is up to you. At the time of instillation we paid an additional amount to a concretor organised by Barry and Steve to pour the bond beam and an additional area around the pool which was done without issue. 

Now some three years later when this job of completing the landscaping around the pool came to the top of the list we find out that the concrete is no less then four centimetres out of square resulting in huge issues when paving around the pool not only in labour but also in cost. 

I would strongly suggest that anyone going down this path gets a price for a pool finished in its entirety to avoid this pitfall.                                             

 We decided to lay Sapphire Buffalo Turf that we had supplied from Bills Turf at Wilberfore/ Freemans Reach. Carol is the lady to chat to and they are more then helpfull with advice and guidance both before and more importantly after sale. Again I highly recommend them and they are far cheaper then buying from a nursery or garden centre,

Bills Turf Supplies
435 Freemans Reach Road,
Freemans Reach, NSW. 2756

Phone:  02 4579 6173         
Fax:      02 4579 6646


And now for one of the more challenging parts of my build, I call it the "Necessitator". Because if you want me to build that deck I will need to buy a new drop saw and maybe new cordless and a impact driver and a power saw and the list goes on. However I assure you all these are all "Necessities" that are required for a professional finish!

The deck is 9m by 4.5m and was all done in spotted gum and to be honest it came up fantastic although it was a lot of work and was pure punishment for the knees!

Finally we had some external LED lights supplied and fitted. The LED lights worked out to $30 per light and that came with five year warranty on the bulb. I wish we had found them this cheap at the start of our build as they were at $75 per light when priced against the $26 compact fluro. On the upside they are exactly the same diameter so eventually they will be a direct replacement.

The porch light in these pics is a compact fluro.


  1. Love everything you have done and your house looks superb.
    Only thing (on a technical basis) the span of your bearers is too wide I would have at least placed another bearer in the middle as a bare minimum. Potentially over the next five years the middle of your deck may sage.

    Love the pool, it huge and such a good feature.

    Well done guys.

    1. Hi Ynot,

      There are 46 stirrups under those joists and I had to dig every hole by hand, it wont be moving anywhere!

  2. place looks great well worth the wait,looks good with the light on and the pool we had one for 20 plus years in the old house boy do I miss it on hot summer afternoons.

  3. Looks lovely! I love timber and how you've joined inside and out. We'll be doing a similar thing :)