Thursday, 30 July 2015


A short update to tell you all, well........ nothing! The business week draws to a close and I have not heard a peep from the after sales team. I thought i'd go to the MDJ website and drop a line to them from there as it was a different path to try,

"Hello, I sent an email to the after sales team last Sunday evening in regards to having a number of defects rectified under our home builders warranty. This email was read by two people within five minutes of being sent but I am yet to hear from anyone. I would like to try and afford McDonald Jones the opportunity to rectify these issues before taking the matter further. Can you please advise when I can expect some to make contact with me?"

I did find this on their website though and thought it rather relevant,

We are committed to:
  • Being contactable - you can contact us in the way you prefer – by telephone via our main number, by telephone with a direct number for your Client Liaison Officer, by email or in person;
  • Responding to your queries by telephone rather than by email. We will always confirm the discussion by email to you for your records;
  • Responding to your request and queries within the agreed time frame even if we don’t have the answers at that time;
  • Returning every call – every day;
  • Making notes on the confidential company programme each time we deal with you;
  • Saving all correspondence confidentially;
  • Being truthful and transparent in our communications;
  • Being respectful, courteous, patient, sensitive and by providing clear and accurate information;
  • Providing you with the communication needed for an exceptional customer experience.


Concerns or Complaints

We are committed to:
  • Dealing with your concerns promptly, fairly, completely and courteously informing you of what actions we will take to rectify your concerns;
  • Providing you with a time frame for resolution;
  • Honouring all our contractual obligations in respect of your contract;
  • Ensuring no ramifications for lodging a complaint or concern.

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