Friday, 1 April 2016

The last post.........

We are now almost two months since speaking with the after sales team in an effort to rectify my two shower screen doors and two shower screen mirrors with absolutely nothing being achieved. No return calls from MDJ, no follow up, zip!

This was the first house we as a family had ever built and to be honest we were probably a bit under prepared for the journey. In hindsight I still have to say we are happy with what McDonald Jones delivered but now would I do it all again, well i'm not so sure. We certainly hit more then a few hurdles during our journey but in fairness this can happen with any builder as we can see now with our poor neighbours and their stalled build which I might add has nothing to do with MDJ.

I certainly am of the belief that the life expectancy of a shower screen door would be expected to be longer then three years also considering it was an upgrade that we paid for. The mirrors I suggest should also be the same and should not be defective after three years. I have lost count of the number of emails and phone calls made in a polite and calm manner in an effort to have this things addressed but the only result I have achieved is lip service and nothing else. Clearly, regardless of the Australian Consumer Protection Laws and the years of Builders Warranty,  your on your own once your three month maintenance period is past in regards to faulty materials.

I cannot stress to you all enough that the relationship with your site supervisor is the key to a happy and successful build. Clean, open and honest lines of communication are the key and without them you will find the some issues we encountered. Your site supervisor needs to be all over his trades to ensure that things are completed in a proper fashion and finished to standard.

Do not make your final payment or settle before you are absolutely certain that all of your issues that may have arisen during the build have been rectified. As much as it may seem foreign you just cant rely on peoples "Word" to ensure things are completed.

Good Luck...........

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