Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Whilst I have appreciated all that has been done thus far with the assistance of After Sales Customer Service, things have stalled. Maintenance came out and did some caulking, resecuring of the stacker door and some other minor touch ups nothing else has happened in a long time. 

Our main issues now are that the lower aluminum rail on both glass shower screen doors has dropped causing the seal to pull away fill with water and discolor which also attracts mold as it is never dry. There is also a plastic strip/ seal on the bottom of the door to prevent water from running out underneath it however ours continually jambs and gets caught half falling out of its track. Our house is almost four years old and I would think that the life expectancy of a shower screen door would be far more then this however Stegbar seem to disagree. 

On the subject of Stegbar, they also supplied our Mirrors in both bathrooms which have both been replaced already due to the silvering on the rear of the mirror being defective. This problem has occurred again with what looks like rust forming on the edges of the mirror and is progressively getting worse. Again four years old so that's too old for a warranty repair. My parents house is over thirty years old with unrenovated bathrooms and their mirrors are perfect.  

Unfortunately now I feel as though its just a waiting game, that is McDonald Jones and Stegbar just waiting for me to give up. Its been months and months trying to resolve these issues and im growing short tempered. I have tried to be reasonable and patient but at the end of the day should I become the "Squeaky wheel"?

I have no doubt that the Australian Consumer Protection Laws will agree with the fact that a Shower Screen door and bathroom mirror should last longer then four years, I'm sure the vast majority of you all would agree too but how long should you afford the opportunity to have it repaired or as the law stated replaced if the product of item is not "Fit for purpose".

At the end of the day though does it matter what Stegbar believe as my contract was with MDJ not Stegbar and if Stegbar values the business of MDJ perhaps some "Other" pressure could be applied or favours called in?

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