Thursday, 29 September 2011

One Brick at a Time......

Not that I'm stalking our build or anything but we took another drive by the block today and found no one on site but noticed our brickies had started.

I hope the weather get its poo poo together and gives us a couple of weeks of the good stuff so we can get this well under way.


  1. Hi Jen and Scott,

    Hope you don't mind we've been watching the progress of your build as we too are building in Vermont on Camellia Street and we're also building with Mc J. I think you guys are a little ahead of us with building but lets hope the rain stays away for all us.

    Look forward to watching your progress.

    Craig and Scott

  2. Hi Guys,

    No worries at all, I would send you a private message but can't work out how to do it via the blog. If you subscribe to my blog I think that will let me. Are you guys the corner block?



  3. Hi Scott,

    Yeah I couldn't work it out either, lol.

    Yes we're the corner block. Hopefully the rain will stay away for all of us.