Monday, 20 June 2011

A Row of Shit Houses!

Not a great deal happening at the moment due to our plans being in at Council. However I did notice that a large row of shithouses has appeared, well sort of!

Our stage of the release (2B) and the following stage (3) that has finally been registered is serviced by a new "Positive pressure" sewer system. From what I understand, all the poop goes into this tank where it is minced up then pushed to the treatment plant where the magic happens and our recycled water is then treated and returned for use. Pretty much the whole tank is in the ground with only the lid showing.

The water tank/ recycled water debate is still simmering in the background so we will see how that progresses but its good to know we are finally making some progress now that the plans are at Council.

On another note, we were tossing around the idea of a pool which we mentioned to our Mortgage Consultant. We were advised that it would be financially better to factor the cost of the pool into the principal mortgage so we were asked to get some quotes. With an estimated budget of around 30K I thought it would be a simple task to arrange some quotes however it appears I may have been very wrong. Of the three companies I contacted to make enquiries, only ONE has bothered to call back! I couldn't believe it, THIRTY GRAND and businesses can't be bothered to make a phone call. All of the companies had already build pools in our estate and one of the companies that didn't bother to call back made a point of telling me that their Rep lives around the corner from me! I honestly can't believe how piss poor customer service has become now a days, it's not like I'm putting in a fish pond.

On a much more challenging note, the new addition is settling in well with only a small number of attempts on her life by her bigger and much more jealous sister! The Boss is also doing a fantastic job juggling both of the girls and also managing to keep me in line, I'd be lost without her!

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