Sunday, 5 June 2011

Where to from here?

So we had payed our $3000 initial deposit and now what? We soon realised that the majority of the wow factor that really sold us on this home was not included in the base price, and in fairness this was also the same with all of the other builders. When we made our way up to Maitland and went through a Monte up there we were handed a price list of all the extras that were upgraded in the house. We got back in touch with MDJ and requested a floor plan so we could start getting quotes on flooring to compare when we went for colour selections and got one emailed to us. It wasn't until this time we realised that the front of the house had no eaves on it. Every display home we saw had eaves and we naturally thought this was standard. Luckily for us we checked as it would have been a major let down without.

Before we knew it a large parcel arrived which was our colour selections material which is basically all the options you can choose from and upgrade to with your house. We made use of a "Pre colour selections walk through" which allows you a walk through of the design studios. I would highly recommend this as it gives you an idea of what to expect. Just as quickly our colour selections appointment arrived and we found ourselves at the MDJ Colour Selections Studios at Bella Vista. Our consultant Craig was fantastic and could not have been better with his guidance and assistance. In saying this, it is a very very long day with almost too many decisions to be made! The boss and I couldn't come to an agreement on flooring and after many many hours decided to come back later to finalise it. After we made all the final decisions we ended up with a selection bill of over 30K! Mind you we by no means lashed out, with the biggest luxury being a spa bath and a double shower head in the ensuite. We went over our list and managed to bring it down to just over 15K by cutting a lot of things we could do later like handles and other not so important things. We put the most of our money into the bathroom and kitchen being things that were hard to renovate later.

Kitchen benchtop, silver glass splashback, cabinet samples and floor tiles

Bathroom benchtop, cabinet sample, feature tiles and floor tiles

Our PGH Mild Steel brick, Woodland Grey Roof, Surfmist Fascia and Evening Haze downpipes

Honestly colour selections whilst being a lot of fun is a HUGH day, go well rested and be prepared.

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